In an ever complex world how do we limit the barriers understanding?  Using the universal language of story and illustration companies can help people of any age, language and culture connect with important information and improve retention.  This idea of enhanced comprehension and better communication is what lead me to create content for health organizations and technology companies that support human kind.  As humans we are hard wired to respond to storytelling and art. In the last decade there has been an explosion of animated sitcoms and cartoon channels. People want and need to be engaged to connect to hear your message.  If you have important information to share why not tell your story or explain your idea with a consumer friendly animated video.

We create videos that help companies and organizations bring ideas to a wider audience. People everywhere love animated videos because not only are they are fun to watch, but they can quickly bring your message to a massive online audience.  We specialize illustration for data research and products or services related to health or healthcare. In todays world there is a seemingly insatiable appetite for information, so it makes sense that your message has to get to the point be easy to access and

At inlineArts we start by clarifying your company’s core values, then we identify your audience, and then the magic begins.  Exponentially increase your engagement factor. . We would love to have the chance to craft a video that will help you make a difference and improve your online presence.